Business & IT Consultancy

Business and IT Consulting Unit

Mubbsher owns a number of cadres, business and technical advisors, and local and international partnerships in the field of providing management and technical development advice to private sector organizations at all levels, as well as the third sector and its employees through its experts and partners, by providing a number of advisory services in the field of management and technology and integrated development solutions (Marketing / Financial /Management ) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.


Management consulting and development

  • Market Research | Feasibility studies
  • Strategic Consulting | Business Development
  • Organization Development | Human Capital Management Consulting
  • Business Excellence | Governance
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience | Business Intelligence
  • Recruitment Outsourcing Services | Headhunting


Technical consulting and business solutions

  • Automate administrative procedures and business processes
  • ERP consulting
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Digital / Telework Solutions
  • Consulting portals and building applications, websites and Ecommerce stores


Our Partnership:

  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • Future Business Company
  • Telefinity for Call Center Solutions
  • Jabra International Headsets Company
  • – Steelance Consulting and Business Solutions
  • Tukana Constructions 
  • Afniya Co.

The operational processes are what drives the business

Our corporate business unit revolves around serving as a true partner and advisor to our clients, which entails working with them strategically by understanding their structure, culture and assessing their needs.

Business and IT Consulting Unit

The United States and Europe have witnessed a steady increase in the trend towards remote work as a means of achieving savings and increasing the efficiency of companies and institutions. This facilitated the continuous technical progress in the areas of communication and information and the availability of high speeds for broadband Internet and other related technologies.

Whereas all the elements of remote work are available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Human Resources launched a “Telework program” that aims to meet the desires of two basic groups of the national workforce to join the labor market, namely women and people with disabilities as well as males, by providing job opportunities that exceed Barriers, lack of transportation, inadequate workplace requirements for female jobs, and the need to care for children or the elderly during the work period.

Also, telework has become a necessity attached to what the Corona epidemic crisis imposed on the world, in a way that pushes to change the form of future work to remote work as a permanent means for the continuation of institutions. Mubbsher is honored as a Telework service provider accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources to provide remote work solutions to the Saudi market.

Save operating costs: From an operational management point of view, having fewer employees at your company’s headquarters leads to savings in electricity, water, telephone costs, headquarters rent, office equipment, parking lots, security guards, and associated support and support costs. This enables you to